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Was macht Wissensmanagement erfolgreich?

Sehr kompakt beantwortet der Weekly Knowledge Management blog by Stan Garfield diese Frage:

  • Focus on the people, bring them together, get them comfortable with each other and match behaviors

  • Create opportunities for collaboration on activities that deliver value and make their jobs easier

  • Show how the knowledge management activities align with business priorities and generate benefits

  • Build an identity around your knowledge program to get people to feel part of it

  • Communicate widely and often, especially success stories

  • Develop Knowledge Platforms and capabilities in background (Networks, Behaviors, Processes, Tools and Infrastructure)

  • Find senior sponsors and lead facilitators who can transfer ownership and build a self-supporting network

  • Introduce fun and social aspects to your teams
Im Beitrag "What Good KM Looks Like, Why KM, Midwest KM Community Meeting, Here Comes Everybody" sind weitere interessante Aspekte zu finden; zum Beispiel bezüglich Fokus auf Menschen und Verhalten.

Viele der erwähnten Aspekte sind ausserdem in der Roloblog-Kategorie "Knowledge Management" beschrieben.

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